The Company supplier of Natural Paving Stones has been providing Natural Paving Stones for Reknowned Architectural companies such as Zaha Hadid in NY City and Future Green Studios, builders such Related Builders in NY city also uses our services. Homeowners all over the USA have been placing orders with, we offer the same calliber of service whether are client is a homeowner, an architect or a custom builder. is working towards creating the largest Decentralized natural paving stone network in the world, we welcome you to become a partner or a client today.
We solve the problem end consumers face of having no say in chosing the materials local stores and local supplier offer for sale, consumers walk into natural paving stone stores and need to settle for what that particular store is carrying, no being able to order diferent color materials or custom sized materials without paying a hefty up charge.
With a little planning ahead consumers now can buy such custom natural paving stones witout paying a custom upcharges, will take your order and work on a personal basis with you, helping you with designing your project, providing information on the product you are looking for and once you have made a choice, will place the order, inspect the order making sure it is manufactured accordinlgy and will handle all the logistics necessary to deliver the final prodcut to your home for your project location. currently works directly with factories in spain and italy for Porcelain Pavers, South America, North America and Asia for Granite paving stones, Marble Paving stones, Bluestone pavers and basalt pavers. connects overseas factories of Natural pavings stones such as Granite, Marble, limestone, cobblestones, basalt and many others, directly with the end consumer, eliminating the middle man, we give total control to the buyer, chosing the color of the stone, finish of the stone, shape, size etc.

REASONS why is the UNIQUE choice

Granite Paving Stones

Our company is the only supplier of the most varied choices on granite paving stones in the U.S and the Caribbean. Do you need basalt or porphyry pavers for the Driveway? How about cobblestones for the pool deck and Driveway? We have all these and more Granite Stones you may need in any hardscape project.


All of our stones are hand selected to be included in our list of products. By offering high-grade stones and tiles, we know that your architectural hardscape goals will be accomplished and that's our biggest achievement.

Varied Choices

Technical names can be very intimidating. That's when our more varied choices play in the scene. We provide stones of different textures, colors, sizes, and shapes. So don't worry if you wanted small - or large-sized Pavers - we have them for you. Just tell us the qualities of the stones you need, and we'll present the closest match.

Reliable Sources

It took us years of dealing with different suppliers to learn the art of choosing the most reliable one. Luckily, you don't need to do the same. Our sources have passed our high standards and expectations. Their products have been tried and tested. Our clients cannot say anything but praises for our stones.

Going Green

Everyone's turning green. Our company understands the importance of using renewable sources and products that can last a lifetime. That's why we believe in the power of natural stones. If you don't like them on the patio for some reason, they can be used again for other areas. There will be zero waste, because they're too beautiful, too functional, and too practical to be thrown away.

Partner With Us

But you don't have to be just our client - you can be our partner and save more. We are looking for more distributors, which we believe will put us all in a win-win situation. Want to know more? Feel free to call us at 1-888-513-6374 and let's talk about the soon-to-be beneficial business relationship between you and our company

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